Summer in the City


Winter is upon us, and we’re all snuggled up in our hats, scarves, and gloves, dreaming of warmer days ahead. Whether you’re trudging through snow, or walking in the rain, winter isn’t always a barrel of laughs.

One way to get yourself through the winter blues is to start thinking about planning your next summer vacation ahead of time. Giving yourself something to look forward to, perhaps even a countdown, is a great way to stay focused when endless dark nights and mornings are upon you!

If you regularly head to a beach resort during the summer months, have you thought about switching it up and instead heading to the city?

Cities are fantastic during the summer months; they really come alive with longer evenings, and you can even plan your fashionable items easier too, without the need for a huge coat and boots!

Another plus point here is that prices for travel and accommodation stay pretty much static throughout the year in cities, aside from popular celebrations, such as the festive month and New Year. This means that if you shop around, you could find yourself a real bargain to throw into your plans.

For instance, New York is vibrant no matter what the month, but when the heat is on, you can see the sun glittering across the water, smiles seem to be much bigger, you can sit outside and enjoy the weather,  perhaps heading to Coney Island for some fairground fun in the sun. There are many cheap hotel deals NYC on offer at this time of year too, which gives you a potentially higher class of hotel for less cash.

On top of this, why not head to the desert? The heat is seriously on in Vegas during the summer months, but the thankfully very air conditioned hotels provide relief from the temperatures, whilst upping the fun stakes in the casino. Most hotels also have huge and opulent pools, giving you the ideal opportunity to top up your tan! You can find Las Vegas hotel discounts online, so again, you can save cash to throw into your vacation ideas.

California seems to be dripping in endless sunshine, and this can sometimes give you the false idea of high prices in terms of Los Angeles hotels – this isn’t always the case, and you can usually find deals if you check them out early enough, or go down the last minute booking route. Keep celebrity company on the glittering beaches, or head out into the countryside and hills surrounding the city, with plentiful walking trails on offer – again, you may spot the odd VIP!

As you can see, cities are a great alternative to the usual beach resort vacation, and if you choose a city which is lapped by the ocean, you can really have the best of both worlds for your summer jaunt. Save up your cash ahead of time, get planning early enough, and you can begin your summer countdown earlier, pulling you through those long, dark winter months ahead of us.

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