Operation Accommodation! How to Save Cash on Your Hotel, Leaving You With More to Spend


If you are heading to a city for a few days, or perhaps even a week, you will probably already know that you need cash in your pocket to really enjoy everything your destination has to offer. Cities are not the cheapest places in the world, and whilst there are plenty of ways to make your time cheaper, there are some areas where if you can save extra cash, you will stand yourself in much better stead.

Getting to your destination is a good place to start. Obviously it depends where you are coming from as to the ways you can arrive, and if you are travelling internationally then when visiting a US city you only have one option – fly! Booking indirect flights and shopping around, perhaps split booking with different airlines, these are all ways you can save cash on your journey. If you are travelling domestically, you can either drive (depending on distance), go with long distance buses, or fly and again, it’s all down to shopping around mainly.

Now, the second highest price you will probably come across, or maybe even the highest price, is your accommodation. Of course you need to be in the right location for you, and that usually means being central in a city, so you don’t have to spend endless time and cash commuting from A to B every day, but central hotels tend to cost more. You don’t need to book a 5 star hotel if you’re not really going to be spending that much time in there, but you want to be comfortable at the same time.

Quite the quandary!

A good solution to this is to check out last minute hotel deals.

There is some discussion about whether major savings are found with last minute hotel bookings, but the bottom line is that you can usually save cash here and find yourself in a better class of hotel than you would otherwise have afforded.


Because hoteliers check their bookings on a regular basis and if they find that on a certain week they have a few rooms empty, they would rather drop their prices and give you somewhere to stay for cheaper, than have the room sitting totally empty, with no profit whatsoever for them. This basically adds up to major savings and a better experience for you.

If you’re not too much of a risk taker, don’t worry! You can still book ahead of time and find discounts, especially if you look around regular sale times, such as New Year, or Black Friday, but if you want to try the last minute booking idea, you don’t even have to wait until literally the last minute, this can be done a week or two before and still count as ‘last minute’.

Check out cheap motels in Los Angeles, discount hotel bookings in Las Vegas, cheap five star hotels in New York, or even top class apartment hotels in Washington DC – the list goes on and the savings could be massive for you.

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