New York in Three Days, is it Possible?

New York Hotels

If you dream of visiting New York, but you find yourself pushed for time because of work or other commitments at home, you might be thinking of trying to fit in a whistle-stop visit instead.

Is this possible?

If you plan and you don’t mind missing out on a little sleep, yes, it’s entirely possible!

New York is certainly a city that never sleeps, and you need to make peace with the fact that you are going to be on the go constantly during your long weekend visit. Many people jet across the Atlantic for such a visit, and when taking in the time difference, this does give you the gift of a few extra hours!

Now, how can you make your long weekend in New York successful, both in terms of what you see, and how much you spend?

Check your accommodation carefully

You are going to need to save time and that means staying central to the places you want to see. Most of the time this will involve finding a hotel in Manhattan, and if you check out the possibility of last minute hotel rooms, you could save yourself some serious cash here. There are countless New York hotels on offer, so it’s really a case of finding somewhere which fits in with your budget and closeness to the things you want to see.

Check your flights/travel plans

The best idea here is to travel through the night and arrive in the morning, fresh and raring to go. Of course, this means sleeping on the plane or bus, but you can do that, right? If you arrive before your check in time at your hotel, most New York City hotels will allow you to leave your luggage (at your own risk) whilst you go off and explore for a few hours, and then return when your room is ready.

Draw up an itinerary

Think about what you want to see, and design yourself an itinerary which fits all of this in. No one is suggesting you walk around with a clipboard in your hand ticking off items and not really experiencing them freely, but having a general idea of where you are going and when will certainly save you time and effort. You should also check out how to get there, so you’re not wasting time to trying to figure that side of things out too.

Eat on the go

You can easily grab street food on the go whilst you’re exploring, and munch away during the day. Of course, you’re going to need a proper meal at the end of the day, and this can be done much later on, perhaps when you return to the hotel, or even room service if you’re simply too exhausted to get dressed up and head out!

Exploring New York in a short space of time can certainly be done, but you need to be aware that a) you’re not going to fit everything in, and b) you’re going to be very tired at the end of it!

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