An Alternative Gamble in Atlantic City

Las Vegas may be wonderful, but not everyone wants to go there, or can actually go there. What are you left with then? If you want to enjoy gambling fun and let your hair down, where can you go that offers a similar experience, without venturing into the desert?


Atlantic City, that’s where!


This is a destination which offers a similar, but much less brash, Vegas experience, with lower price tags in terms of getting there, yet still plenty to see and do. There are many last minute hotels deals Atlantic City to be found, which cuts costs even further, and if you can find one of the may last minute hotel deals on offer, then you could end up in a higher end hotel for a lower price tag – even better!


Atlantic City is located in the New Jersey area, on the Atlantic coastline, and offers wide, sweeping beaches, all the fun of the fair with a long boardwalk, ideal for walking and people watching, as well as high end shopping, casinos, nightlife, and spa facilities. The large, high end hotels which are peppered around the resort offer everything you could ever want during your stay, however there are many more affordable hotels available too, including many last minute hotel rooms too if you shop around enough.


Originally established back in the 1800s, Atlantic City has grown into a glitzy and glamourous place to head for some serious fun, and it is best known for its large casinos, akin to those found in Vegas. Caesars Atlantic City is a Roman-esque hotel with a huge casino, Borgata has luxury accommodation with six swimming pools and a large spa, and Golden Nugget Atlantic City is another big-hitter to check out, whether you stay there or not. Trump Taj Mahal is another large casino which the area is famous for, so you can see there are many chances to win big and further fund your vacation!


If you want to avoid the casinos, or you simply want a break from the endless pinging of slot machines, head to Steel Pier and enjoy an old-fashioned carnival atmosphere, or check out Absecon Lighthouse and the surrounding beaches. For shopping, you are spoilt for choice, but Playground Pier is a large mall with everything you could ever want to purchase during your vacation.


Put simply, Atlantic City isn’t just an alternative to Las Vegas, it sits very prettily on its own in terms of a destination to enjoy. It might not feature the Las Vegas dancing girls or the huge shows which the neon-lit desert destination is famed for, but it certainly has a different kind of charm, a more laid-back and authentic feel, and that is something which visitors enjoy, causing them to return time and time again. Shop around for your accommodation and find the best deal, and you could have much more cash to spend whilst you’re away, with possibly a few spare dollars to gamble in the casino – who knows, you might win big!

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